KMLT COVID-19 Response

 Anything and everything Coronavirus related has completely dominated social media, headlines, and personal conversations alike for a couple of weeks now. Maybe, for good reason. 

The folks here at KMLT all feel that we are very sensible and level headed for the most part. We didn’t buy the stores out of their hand sanitizer or fist fight over rights to purchase an over-abundance of toilet paper. 

We work daily in an industry full of stress, deadlines, payments, and large money purchasing; those stressors are just status quo. That being said, however, we certainly don’t want to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that the imposing COVID-19 threat isn’t real either. Our local communities are generally very fortunate. We are always somewhat insulated for a longer period of time than most major metropolitan communities.  Which should mean, more time to educate ourselves. And more time to prepare. Whether an over-exaggeration of the facts, or whether the media has painted this pandemic in a spot on manner, cases of COVID-19 will begin popping up all around us very soon, right here at home. And regardless of the facts, NO ONE WISHES TO BE ILL; not to any degree.  That said, we at KMLT feel as if we should contribute toward as much prevention as possible also. We are fortunate in that we are able to perform a vast majority of our work electronically via email, fax, and telephone. We want to strongly encourage folks to take advantage of these opportunities over the coming weeks, as much as is possible. In our office, we have already begun a sterilization process that will occur after every single closing transaction. Remember, when we are all at the table, we are forced to be in close quarters, so please exercise good etiquette in social spacing, utilizing provided hand sanitizer, etc. 

Importantly also, we would ask that through the end of April, only folks whose presence is absolutely necessary for in-person signing be present for closing transactions. We understand that this is an exciting time for family and friends, but this temporary inconvenience will only last a short while, then, hopefully we will return just as quickly to business as usual. For those who might feel ill or wish to avoid the physical closing process entirely, there are alternatives that can be explored with our office. Please feel free to contact our team at any time to discuss. 

To our realtor friends… we are leaning on you heavily to help spread the word and enforce this policy. We would also be happy to mail your commission checks or have them conveniently placed in our front lobby to assist with lowering your potential exposure also. 

We very much value all of our relationships and the business opportunities that they present; we look forward to seeing everyone back in our office soon, happy, healthy, and all together successful!

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Who We Are

A Realtor's Best Friend

A Realtor's Best Friend

We have only one goal in mind- to make you happy and protect your interests. Kentucky Mountain Land Title, Inc. is committed to delivering a wide array of title-related services to buyers, lenders, and real estate professionals, all across Central and Eastern Kentucky. Our specialties include services for both residential and commercial properties, both for purchase or refinance. Excellent communication, unsurpasssed availability, and consistent customer satisfaction are among our top priorities, and we strive to not only meet, but exceed all of our client's expectations. We don't just want our clients satisfied, we want them to  be extremely satisfied. 


A Realtor's Best Friend

A Realtor's Best Friend

A Realtor's Best Friend

Our mission is to become one of the most preferred members of your real estate dream team! We know what every closing means to you as a real estate professional, so we promise to work noticeably harder to be the most responsive, reliable vendor that you will partner with in our industry. Since the title and escrow industry is a foundational element of any real estate transaction, we especially realize the importance of being accessible and keeping real estate professionals informed about the status and facilitation of each of the various aspects of a real property transaction. Another great thing, should a problem arise, you don't have to don't sweat it one bit; we'll take all of the pressure away by working harder to keep things moving forward for you.  After all, a realtor needs closure too. 


What Makes Us Different

A Realtor's Best Friend

What Makes Us Different

Kentucky Mountain Land Title, Inc. has partnerships with some of Kentucky's most amazing lenders, investors, and real estate professionals. Our success can be attributed to an amazing team, who strives to build long-term relationships by offering -


• Uncommon Customer Service 

• Impressive Availability 

• Much Appreciated Responsiveness 

• Express Turnaround Time 

• Competitive, Set, Affordable Pricing

Our specific services include: abstracting / title searches, title insurance, escrow services, witness closing services, document preparation and recording, notary public, and title assistance services.   Click here for a full list of our specific services or to make an online payment for a specific service.

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