Why choose us instead?


Unprecedented responsiveness and availability.

We know how frustrating it is to repetitively attempt to reach someone only to experience the deafening sound of crickets rising from the obvious lack of response in their camp. We hate that personally, and we certainly don’t want that for our clients; you deserve better. When working with Kentucky Mountain Land Title, Inc., you can contact our staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you need us, we’ll be there and we’re happy to communicate with you however you prefer best, whether it’s email, text, by cell, Facebook, Twitter, or Carrier Pigeon, we’ll do our very best to make reaching us as easy as possible and if we aren’t immediately available, we’ll return the contact as soon as humanly possible, not a matter of days later as is the current industry standard.


We communicate. Well.

We know how bad folks hate being in the dark about what is going on during their sales or purchase process. This should be an exciting time, and nothing is more frustrating than expecting a return call that never comes or having no clue where we are along the process. So our solution to shedding some light? Communicate. Proactively. Frequently. We also use various technologies to keep all parties in a transaction abreast of every advancement (or lack thereof) in the title process. It's out goal to reach out to you proactively, rather than forcing you to chase and wrestle folks down just to gather simple title updates.


Uncommon Customer Service.

Sure, lots of companies lay claim to great customer service these days, but name a few whose brand truly is synonymous with amazing customer service? Chances are, naming one would be difficult in today’s chaotic business environment. It is this very thing that has allowed a zealous team like our own to carve out a service niche unfound otherwise in our local market. To give ourselves an unfair marketing advantage, we have learned the true secret of success… we genuinely care. For this reason, we have pledged to be different, to use a holistic approach to customer care, working tirelessly to prove how much we value our relationships and our business collaboration. Our uncommon level of personalized customer service is second to none, as this began as our singular founding principal and remains our primary focus today. We value relationships more than anything and we’re happy to prove how much we really do care.


Competitive, Set, Affordable Pricing.

Let’s admit, this is real money that we are dealing with. Just because large sums of cash money isn’t trading hands at the table, doesn’t mean that there isn’t real consequence and expense associated with your transaction. Our job from day one has been to protect our clients’ interests behind the scenes. We want to help our clients be fiscally responsible, which in turn will help us develop long-term, repetitive relationships. We don’t believe in charging what the market can bare, or up charging based on what we feel our client-base could afford to pay. At KMLT, our prices ‘arr what they arr’ and they arr’ competitive. We’ve done our own competitive research locally and we suggest you do the same. Why pay higher, variable costs while waiting longer and being unhappy with a less friendly, unappreciative customer service experience? 


We don’t make decisions based on what is easiest on ourselves.

Unlike other title agencies that dictate the time and location of your closing in order to best serve their own needs, our views are quite opposite. When our agency gets a clear to close, it becomes our immediate priority to be as accommodating as possible. Unlike attorney’s offices with limited office hours, we often work early mornings, evenings, and weekend hours and we’re willing to meet you wherever might work best for you and your situation. When we say that we have the best customer service in our industry locally, we mean it! It’s our everyday goal to consistently prove how much we appreciate you and our relationship, whether new or old.


We're fast. Sometimes, REALLY fast.

Unlike the business of a traditional law office whose focus is broad and wide with a variety of priorities and specialties all organized based on case load, a title agency has but one purpose; real property transactions. Since the focus of our entire team remains entirely on our real estate clients, the result is quite simply much faster, more convenient turnaround time, without cutting any corners. Fast means nothing if the results are not reliable and accurate.

We are also happy to work with expedited orders and can provide super-fast cash closings, whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you.