Here's What We Do; Our Services Include:

Simple, Flexible, Mobile Closing & Escrow Services

We're happy to offer some of the most flexible, mobile witness closing services in the area. We want to close whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you and at no additional cost. 

Abstracting / Title Search Services

A clear chain of title that is free from any encumbrances, defects, liens, or issues is critical for both financing and new ownership of a piece of property. Collecting the information, being able to understand and translate the findings, and accurately report the results of a title examination is a critical component of our many services.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is something you only encounter when you purchase a home or property, so many folks aren't very familiar with the stringent requirements that must be met in order for an agency to offer title insurance, the risks of not having it, or the benefits associated with it. The most important thing to know is that you should never purchase a property without purchasing an owner's policy. More info about title insurance can be found here.

For estimated costs for title insurance, you can also access Fidelity's Rate Calculator below:

Document Preparation & Recording Services

We prepare an immense amount of mortgages, deeds, land contracts, affidavits, releases, etc... for our clients on a daily basis. The legalities, format, and process of recording legal documents vary somewhat based on the state and county. We've been working directly with courthouse officials across the Commonwealth since 1999, solely on real estate related transactions. These are waters we know how to navigate and are happy to partner with you in protecting your best interests. 

Assistance Clearing Encumbered Titles

It should go without saying that a title company who does the research, reporting, and translation of findings resulting from the title examination would also assist with clearing any clouds or encumbrances that are uncovered. However, we've discovered over the years that this isn't always so. Don't worry though, if you partner with us, we'll help fix anything that we find wrong with your title report. In many instances, you won't even know that there was an issue. 

Treat Others How You Would Prefer They Treat You

Ok, so this is not a specific service, but rather it's how we conduct our service. This is how we choose to make decisions, govern our business, and build long lasting relationships that actually have personal depth. In every situation, we ask ourselves these types of questions-  "If I was the buyer, what would I personally expect?"  "If I was the realtor involved in this transaction, how would partnering with KMLT make the sales process easier for me and more seamless for my customer?" "If I was the loan officer, what would I prefer the title company do to make my job easier when working with them?"  By always striving to execute the same level of service to others that we would most want for ourselves, we always find that our customers become the center of all of our decision making and that our focus remains very service oriented. From what we are told, this is exactly what you would want from a title company- the ability to reach their staff whenever necessary, the chance to get answers often before they are asked, a fast response to any inquiry you might submit, reliable solutions to problems that might unexpectedly occur, and a partner that actually gives a damn. If you decide to partner with us, we'll treat you exactly the way we would hope to be treated.